Skeptical Sexist Bingo

5 Jan

Skeptical Sexist Bingo

So, I was planning on writing a post tonight about skepticism and home birth, but then Hemant Mehta mansplained all over something I posted on Tumblr last week and I was going to respond to his post.

Instead, after I popped over to Friendly Atheist and read the comments, I made this. It’s like regular sexist bingo, but with SCIENCE!

My response to Hemant will be incoming tomorrow, but this is all I’ve got tonight.

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2 Responses to “Skeptical Sexist Bingo”


  1. In Which I am Disappointed in Hemant Mehta « Greater Than Lapsed - 01/08/2012

    [...] man-splaining of the sexism situation in general, I read through the comments on his post and basically hated everything far too much to be able to respond right away. I’m finally feeling at least somewhat up to that [...]

  2. Sexism in Geek Culture, with a look at Comics - 04/23/2012

    [...] purpose of the discussion. We can definitely use the bingo card (and its variations in other areas, like skepticism) as a shorthand to maybe consider arguments a bit more. I’m not saying people shouldn’t [...]

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